The Melonz Story

Hey everyone,

It’s me, Jarrod Sanders, and I’m the founder of Melonz. I just wanted one page on here all to myself—I wanted somewhere to just tell my story, straight up. And even though the designers are throwing a fit about it, we went ahead with it because, well, I’m the owner. 

Here’s the real truth: I’ve been in the sunglasses industry longer than most people stick with anything. And if there’s one thing I know for sure, when a customer goes to try on a pair, the recurring complaint has always been either “too small” or “too big.” Over and over again.

I remember thinking, “Everything else comes in multiple sizes, so why not eyewear?”

So, I created Melonz Eyewear so that you no longer have to worry about size. And also, so I no longer have to hear that complaint, if we’re being honest with each other. 

Today, every frame Melonz offers comes in small, medium, and large sizing, all with strategically engineered dimensions. Whether you have a large head or a petite face, Melonz has you covered. 

Each pair of Melonz sunglasses is crafted with precision and care, combining classic design with optimal dimensions. From the moment you put them on, you'll feel the difference. I've put over a million frames on people's faces, and I can say with confidence that Melonz sunglasses are the most comfortable you'll ever own. 

So go ahead, choose a frame shape you love, pick a color that speaks to you, and dial in your fit. Because when it comes to eyewear, size matters (I wanted that to be the tagline originally—what do you think? I’m not mad at it).

Thanks for reading—I know you didn’t have to. 

Here’s to seeing the world a little bit differently.