Eyewear for "Every Body"

Every Style. Every Size.

Most brands make shades with everybody in mind. We make ours with every body in mind. From individuals who are big and tall, to those who are petite, from people with round faces to those with angular features, Melonz Eyewear embraces the beauty of diversity and offers sunglasses that enhance every individual's unique look. Our goal is to empower everyone to express themselves confidently through fashion, regardless of the size of their melon.

Your style is in style

What’s Your Style?

Not sure if you’ve heard about “the sun,” but it’s literally everywhere. We do our best to approach the selection and design process in a socially and culturally cognizant manner. This ensures that our Melonz products resonate with people from diverse backgrounds. At Melonz Eyewear, we understand the importance of representation and strive to create sunglasses that not only fit well but also reflect the unique styles and preferences of our global community.

We’ve got just the shades for you

What’s Your Size?

One size does not fit all—every pair of Melonz sunglasses is precision measured from hinge to hinge. No two faces are exactly the same, so why would sunglasses come in just one size? Not to mention, a proper fit means a no-slip, no-pinch experience, empowering you to keep and use your shades for years to come. At Melonz Eyewear, we believe that everyone deserves sunglasses with comfort, style, and fit that stand the test of time.

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The Melonz Promise

Our Commitment to You

At Melonz, we're dedicated to crafting quality eyewear. That's why every pair of Melonz sunglasses comes with a 365-day warranty against material defects or workmanship issues, ensuring peace of mind with every purchase. Additionally, we offer free returns and exchanges within 30 days of purchase, as long as the product is in the same condition as received. Head over to our support page for details or to initiate a return, exchange, or repair.