Perfecting Sunglasses Size and Comfort

Sunglasses should fit as well as they function. One size does not fit all—so, we’ve innovated a method that guarantees you find the perfect match in both style and size. 

Our Approach

Grounded in the understanding that head sizes and shapes vary significantly, we measure our frames from hinge to hinge. The more detail the better. This ensures they match the distance between your ears—a critical factor for a comfortable fit.

Credit Card Measurement Method

Our unique fit guide leverages a common item: a credit card. This method is not just about convenience; it’s about precision. The credit card, with its standard width of 54mm, becomes a tool to measure the width of your face, providing a reliable indicator of your head size and, by extension, the size of the sunglasses you need.

How It Works

Position the Card

Place the credit card flat against your face, aligning the edge with the middle of your nose, which acts as a midpoint of symmetry for the face.

Measure Head Width

Note where the card extends in relation to your eyes to determine your head width category —small, medium, or large.

Determine Your Size

The distance the card covers, with an estimated addition for the eye-to-ear length, gives us the precise frame width needed for a perfect fit.

What’s Your Size?

Our frames are meticulously designed to cater to all head sizes, measured from hinge to hinge and engineered to the millimeter.

Small Frames

For head circumferences of 21-22 inches, with frame widths of 115-130mm. The credit card extends beyond the outer corner of the eye, suggesting a smaller frame for those with narrower head widths.

Medium Frames

Suited for head circumferences of 23-inches, with frame widths between 131-139mm. If the card roughly aligns with the outer corner of the eye, a medium frame will provide the optimal fit.

Large Frames

Designed for head circumferences of 24-25 inches, requiring frame widths of 140mm or greater. When the credit card does not reach the outer corner of the eye, a larger frame is needed for a comfortable fit.

By measuring frames from hinge to hinge, we directly address the distance between a person’s ears, considering that the distance from eye to ear slightly increases with wider head widths. This method ensures that our frames not only fit the width of the face comfortably but also rest snugly over the ears, avoiding any discomfort or need for constant readjustment.

It’s not just the width that matters; the distance from the frame to the ears plays a crucial role in ensuring comfort. That’s why each of our frames is designed with custom temple lengths suited to the frame size, providing a seamless fit from the nose bridge to the ears.

The measurement of the bridge—the section of the glasses that rests on your nose—is equally crucial. A well-fitting bridge ensures that your sunglasses sit securely and comfortably, without slipping or pinching. Whether you have a narrow, medium, or wide bridge, our detailed sizing guide helps find the optimal fit, promising comfort and stability in every wear.

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