Melonz Eyewear - Retailers

Why Partner with Melonz?

At Melonz Eyewear, we know how important it is to offer your customers the perfect fit. That's why we've precision crafted every style & color in 3 incremental sizes to cater to those with small faces, wide heads, and everyone in between. Our mission is simple: ensure everyone can find their perfect fit and comfort for their face. 

Melonz eyewear - Retail network

The Perfect Fit

Program Highlights:

We understand the importance of margin and maintaining price integrity. That’s why we offer our retailers a higher percentage off MSRP to give you extra margin for your retail store(s). 

You’ll appreciate the exclusivity we provide: Melonz sunglasses cannot be sold online or on any marketplace without express approval. This ensures your customers can only find Melonz in your store and not all over the internet.

Earn Rewards with Every Sale

For every warranty registration from your store, you earn Melonz Cash Back. We measure this monthly and apply the discount to your next order. It’s our way of thanking you for promoting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Free Displays to Boost Your Sales

We offer a free floor or counter display with an order that fills the display plus back stock. You only need to cover the shipping cost of the display. Keeping the display well-stocked with each style in three sizes ensures a vibrant presentation that attracts customers.

Fast Shipping and Easy Ordering

We pride ourselves on fast shipping—your orders will ship the same or next day. Plus, placing orders is a breeze with our online system. Just a few clicks, and you're done!

Product Rotation

We know trends change, so we offer product rotation at no charge. Swap out styles or colors to keep your inventory fresh and on trend.

Comprehensive Warranty and Repair Support

Melonz handles all customer warranty issues directly if the customer has registered with us. For in-store repairs and lenses, we’ve always got your back, ensuring you can provide excellent service without extra hassle.